Ireland 18+ Casinos

Ireland Country FlagThe Republic of Ireland, which is a country wholly excluded from the United Kingdom, has a set minimum age of 18, which means Ireland 18+ casinos are available here. This country offers numerous gaming options and for a single age limit across the board, including 18 and up online casinos accepting Irish players.

Not too long ago the age limit for gaming in Ireland was 16 but due to numerous concerns regarding illegal underage gambling and wagering addiction among the youth, the Irish government decided to act which we will discuss further on this page.

Best 18 and Up Online Casinos For Players In Ireland

Below you will see a listing of legally sanctioned online casinos that accept players from Ireland who are 18 and over. These sites possess legitimately licensing and are subject to stringent regulatory oversight.  They hold compliance certifications issued by respected auditing agencies that test licensed online casinos for fair gaming practices.  These online casinos provide a high quality, secure gaming experience from beginning to end.

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When Did Ireland Legalize Gambling?

Ireland officially legalized gaming in 1926 with the Betting Act once they gained their independence from Britain, however, the country was familiar with betting beforehand. Horse race betting and other gaming operations existed in the 17th century before any written law permitted their activities. In 1956, Ireland continued their legalized expansion and permitted the Gaming and Lotteries Act which limited casinos and allowed charitable lotteries. This law had a loophole which permitted private clubs to operate gaming thus creating casinos for members only.

However, in 2013, Parliament established the Gambling Control Bill which formally regulated gaming in the country rather than restricting it. This law legalized land-based gaming and online games like those in Irish online 18 and up casinos. Tax revenue collected from these licensed and legally regulated platforms is allocated to funding problem gaming treatment programs. Ireland 18 plus online casinos whether domestic or licensed offshore must obtain an Irish gaming license to legally provide wagering services to those located in the Republic of Ireland.

How Is The Minimum Gambling Age Determined In Ireland?

Minimum Legal Gambling Age Icon With 18+ LicenseThe Irish Government decided to raise the minimum age limit set out by the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 from sixteen to eighteen. This new minimum gambling age limit of 18 in Ireland is for all forms of gaming available including online casinos. The reform of the old gaming law did not provide thorough coverage for all gaming and allowed for spotty regulation and grey areas.

Before the reform, those players sixteen years old could play football betting pools, and purchase lottery tickets.

What Forms Of Gambling Are Legal and Available In Ireland?

All allowed forms of gambling available in this country are legally accessible to those who are at least eighteen years of age. These legal forms of wagering include casino gaming which includes slots and table games, poker, bingo, football pool betting, sports betting, lotteries, horse race betting, social wagering, fantasy betting, skill-based gaming and competitions.

Legal Minimum Gambling Ages In Ireland

Age 18: Across the board:  Bingo, Casino Gaming, Fantasy Betting, Football Pool Betting, Horse Race Betting, Lotteries, Poker, Skill-based Gaming and Competitions, Sports Gambling, Social Gaming

Popular 18 And Up Casinos In Ireland

Here is a list of local land-based casino gaming venues in Ireland. While this list does not contain the entirety of available Irish 18+ casinos, they are the most popular venues:

  • Macau Casino Cork
  • Emerald Casino Dundalk
  • Fitzpatrick Casino Patrick’s
  • Westbury Club Casino
  • Penthouse Casino & Card Club
  • 4 Kings Casino & Card Club
  • Collosus Casinos Sporting Club
  • Amusement City Casino
  • Goodfellow’s Casino
  • Carlton Casino Club


What Is The Minimum Casino Gambling Age Limit In Ireland?

The national minimum age for casino gaming in Ireland is 18. However, there is one membership-casino that exists in the country which raised its minimum age limit to twenty-one. Licensed offshore online Ireland 18 and over casinos permit young adults who are of drinking age in Ireland to play on their site.

Who Regulates Gambling in Ireland?

In Ireland, no one regulatory agency governs betting. However, the Gambling Control Bill did leave a provision to establish a new regulatory framework which would include one “big beast” regulatory agency that is independently run. At the moment, the Irish Tax Authority (Revenue Commissioner), Irish Police Force, Local District Court, and the Office of the regulator of the National Lottery regulate various gaming operations until the centralized regulator is created.

What’s The Penalty For Underage Gambling In Ireland?

Current legislation regarding underage gaming does not address modern technology access issues and Irish youth. The law will likely be revised corresponding to the nation’s growing gambling addiction issue.

Where Can I Find 18 and Over Casinos In Ireland?

All Irish casinos, online or offline, accept eighteen-year-olds. Young adults here can also play and participate in any other form of legal gaming available.

What Gambling Offers Are Illegal In Ireland?

Very few forms of wagering are considered prohibited in Ireland. However, any gaming services whether online or offline not licensed by regulators in Ireland is considered illegal. This rule extends to those licensed offshore online casinos that do not have a dual gaming license with Ireland.

Are Ireland Online 18+ Casinos Legal?

According to Irish law, licensed offshore online casinos tailored to young adults can legally offer their services so long as they have an Ireland issued gaming license as well.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Gamble At An Online Casino?

At an online casino, whether based offshore or hosted domestically can be accessed by 18 year olds in Ireland due to the nation’s standard minimum gambling age.