California 18+ Casinos

California State Flag IconThere are twelve states in the US that currently allow 18+ casinos to operate within their borders and California is one of them. This means that the Golden State permits casino gambling by players who are 18 and over.

Along with casino gambling, 18 year olds have the option of enjoying other forms of gambling entertainment including pari-mutuel wagering, lottery games, poker and bingo. Californians also have the option of playing real money games at legally licensed and regulated online casinos that accept players that are 18 and over.

To assist California residents and visitors to the state we have created this section of our guide that is dedicated to providing information about 18+ casinos and how players that are eighteen can enjoy playing real money casino games in the Golden State.

We take a look at the legal status of casino gambling in the state and provide insight into how the laws are applied relevant to the legal minimum gambling age in California. We intend for you to be able to walk away from our site armed with resources that support you in making an informed decision about your casino entertainment options in California.

Can You Legally Gamble At 18 In California?

Minimum Legal Gambling Age Icon With 18+ LicenseCalifornia is a very gambling-friendly state, and recognizes 18-year-olds as adults (rightfully so), making them one of the few states that allow 18+ casino gambling. This being the case, the state’s gambling laws do permit casino properties to allow entrance to the casino floor to players who are 18 and over.

The state’s laws also do not prevent residents who are 18 and over from enjoying online casino gambling at offshore gaming sites that are operating legitimately within the industry, such as the casinos listed in this guide.

As mentioned previously, California also permits eighteen-year-olds to participate in the state’s other gambling platforms, including pari-mutuel wagering, bingo, lottery, and poker. So if 18 is the legal minimum gambling age in California, why do so many casinos require players to be 21 in order to enter the casino floor? We will go into that caveat a little further down on the page.

Most Reputable 18+ Online Casinos For California Players In 2024

Here you will find a listing of the leading online casinos accepting players that are 18 and over, including those from California. These casino destinations are legitimately licensed (or are operating under the licensing credentials of their parent company), regulated and located outside of the United States, and have been verified to be operating legally within the industry.

We placed each of these California 18+ online casinos through an intense review process that revealed the legitimacy and quality of their services. We can recommend them to you without hesitation.

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An Explanation Of The Legal Gambling Age At California Land Based Casinos

California state law allows players as young as 18 years old to engage in casino gambling. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you that all brick and mortar casino destinations in the state have embraced the legal minimum gambling age of 18. Though casino properties have the option of allowing players who are eighteen and over to participate in their gambling entertainment, there are only a handful of local California casinos that actually take advantage of this rule.

The state’s gambling laws allow each individual casino property to establish their own policies regarding age requirements at their own discretion as long as they do not violate state law by allowing patrons to enter the casino younger than the legally designated minimum age established by state regulations.

Many casino properties choose to appease liquor licensing boards and instead establish an internal policy that requires players to be 21 years of age in order to participate in their casino games. That being said, California has a significant number of land-based casinos located throughout the state. Of those, a handful of them do allow players to participate as young as eighteen years old.

What California Casinos Are 18 and Up?

The sheer number of casinos that operate California coupled with the varying age regulations across different counties and casino properties as well as regular modifications to those policies make it impossible for us to maintain an accurate listing of every single 18+ brick and mortar casino in the Golden State.

We have included a few of the more popular ones below. We suggest you review the website of any casino you are planning to visit to find out what their current policy is concerning their minimum age requirements. You will find that the established gambling age at casinos throughout the state will range from 18 to 21.

18+ Online Casinos For California Residents

California has been in discussions regarding the possibility of state-regulated online gambling for a few years. Any progress on the matter has been stalled by the controversies between the state’s Indian tribes who own gambling properties in the state and the online gambling proponents who desire the potential revenue stream for the state’s coffers.

The good news is that the lack of state-licensed online gambling does not eliminate all options for California residents. There are numerous online casinos that are legitimately licensed, regulated and located offshore that accept players from California and provide a secure, legally sanctioned, high-quality online gaming experience.

The online casinos you see featured on this page are among the industry’s top-rated destinations for 18+ California players seeking this type of gambling entertainment. There are no state or federal laws that prohibit California residents from participating in online casino gaming as long as the destination at which they are playing real money games is operating legally within the industry. Our page dedicated to explaining US gambling laws for 18+ casinos will provide additional insight into the legalities of online casino gambling for US players.


What’s California’s Minimum Legal Gambling Age?

We go into a lot of detail as to the aspects of California’s minimum gambling age earlier in this page. For the most part, 18 year olds can enjoy a variety of gambling options in the state like bingo, the state’s lottery, poker, pari-mutuel wagering, and entering a casino. However, some casinos serve alcohol so they only allow 21 years olds in their casinos and allow them to participate in casino gambling.

Is Online Gambling Really Safe For California Residents?

As with any type of entertainment, how safe it is comes back to the source or provider of that entertainment. One of the primary objectives of this resource guide is to direct players to destinations that are verified to be safe and secure. The ramifications for engaging in online betting with a predatory, low quality or unregulated website could be devastating.

All of the online casinos we’ve recommended in this guide are all operating legitimately; hold the appropriate credentials, licensing and certifications; are subject to strict regulatory oversight, and utilize an impressively sophisticated security profile.

Security at these sites exceeds minimum licensing requirements and industry standards and includes advanced SSL data encryption, antivirus and firewall protection, and fraud prevention, all monitored by a trained technical team. When you are selective concerning where you play real money casino games, then yes, it is a very safe option for California gamblers and US players in general.

How Do I Know That Online Casino Games Are Fair?

Again, knowing you are engaged in online casino gaming that is completely fair comes back to the source of those games. We only consider playing at those destinations that can verify that their RNG technology is compliance certified and that utilize reputable, industry-leading software solutions for their operation.

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. When operating properly, RNG technology ensures genuine randomness in a game’s performance and results. This is the same technology used at gaming machines in Las Vegas.

The sites we feature here can verify that their RNG software and compliance with fair gaming practices has been audited and approved by a third party agency that answers to the regulatory authorities for any specific jurisdiction. This guarantees that the games you play have been verified for authenticity and are fair.

The casinos we feature on this page all include a live link at the bottom of their site for you to access their RNG compliance certifications. These certificates are often issued by iTech Labs, a highly respected testing agency.

Do All California Friendly Online Casinos Allow 18-Year Olds To Play Real Money Games?

All of the casinos you find listed on this page do in fact accept California residents who are 18 and over. There are some legally sanctioned online casinos that do also accept players from CA, but require them to be at least 21 years of age in order to participate in their gaming entertainment. Should you elect to venture outside of our list of recommendations, you will need to check the casino’s terms and conditions to find out their minimum age requirements.

Since State Licensed Online Casinos Are Not Legal In California, Will I Get In Trouble For Playing Real Money Games At An Online Casino?

It is true that California has not yet legalized state-regulated online casino gambling. However, this does not make it illegal for residents of the Golden State to participate in online casino gaming at offshore destinations that are legitimately licensed, regulated and compliance certified. When these credentials are issued by a respected governing jurisdiction, the legal authority is in place for an online casino to offer their services to players around the world, including those in California.

Since there are no state laws and no federal laws that make it a crime to visit these types of legally approved online casinos, then you are not violating any regulations or laws and therefore will not be subject to any type of prosecution or criminal charges. Should you engage in online gaming through an unregulated or unlicensed gambling operation, then you may face criminal charges.

Can CA Residents Play Online Casino Games From A Mobile Device?

Absolutely. The online casinos that are recommended on this page have all integrated a mobile-optimized, web-based gaming app that allows you to enjoy all of their games and features from your smartphone or tablet. You will be able to manage your account, play games and make deposits and withdrawals from the mobile application. The mobile casino app utilizes responsive technology to ensure compatibility across a wide range of devices, operating systems, and mobile networks.

Can I Bet At Any Online Sportsbooks Or Poker Sites That Allow Players 18 And Over To Gamble Legally?

Several of the premium online gambling destinations that accept players from the US also offer a variety of betting entertainment platforms, including sports betting and poker games. These three destinations all welcome California residents and allow players who are 18 and over to participate in their real money betting options and games.

  1. Bovada Sportsbook – 50% Bonus Max $250
  2. Betonline Sportsbook – 50% Bonus Max $2,500
  3. – 75% Bonus Max $1,000